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Toolkit Panel Maker

Toolkit Panel Maker is a standalone application for Windows and OSX that allows you to create your own panels or modify existing panels that are part of the Toolkit. The goal of Panel Maker is to place your favorite tools at your fingertips to greatly improve your work speed, your workflow, and the end result quality, all without having to go through complex menus, presets, or action lists. Panel Maker is fully customizable: Change colors, icons, actions, presets, link menu items, use scripts, and a large selection of user interface elements that can be combined to create your own perfect layout – you can even share it with other users. While a complex tool, it has been designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to customize trough it’s familiar drag & drop interface.

Key features

  • Allows for easy, yet advanced customization of Photoshop
  • Makes it effortless to keep actions, presets, and scripts well organized
  • Allows anyone to create custom panels with a simple drag & drop interface


For this product to work with Adobe’s latest UXP technology and Apple M1/M2 devices, you’ll need to get the Panel v4 Upgrade (sold separately). Also, if you don’t get the Panel v4 Upgrade, this product will stop working in future versions of Photoshop when Adobe stops supporting the older version.

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