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Pardon the dust / 2022-09-19

We are in the middle of a big server move, so all the moving boxes are still not unpacked fully so to speak. We had to move in a hurry, because the old server was messing up our license verifications.

Member pages, downloads, licensing servers, and purchasing panel upgrades are all in place. But a lot of the old content has yet to be unpacked.

Everything should be back to normal in a few days.

The Retouching Toolkit is the result of over 9 years of development, collaboration and shared knowledge of the very best retouching professionals past and present. The idea was born out of the shortcomings of Photoshop specifically when it comes to retouching. Make no mistake, it is important to understand why and how something works, and that is entirely possible within stock Photoshop. What we offer is removal of tedious and repetitive steps, saved time, and most of all, repeatable results. We are taking advanced techniques and lowering the entry level so that you can learn to use the same techniques as the industry leaders, without having to “master advanced algebra” or “learn a new language”.

What we can do for you

The Retouching Toolkit offers innovative tools combined with tried-and-true editing techniques, carefully blended together to improve your workflow and enhance the quality of your end result. Our software is the only plugin solution that allows you to easily create your own or customise our panels to fit your individual needs, and we believe this is the reason why it is the most favored plugin by professional retouchers.

We are often imitated by competitors who use gimmicks and pretty pictures to sell one-click ‘magic button’ solutions, just like the snake oil salesman who comes into town making empty promises, selling quick fixes, and bullying anyone who calls them out.

We believe that knowledge comes first, so we continuously spend a lot of effort and time in making us available and approachable to help you learn. To help us learn together.

On our YouTube channel we provide free extensive video tutorials where we demonstrate the ins-and-outs of the Retouching Toolkit and its many features, explore retouching topics, and answer specific questions asked by our community members in our video library, as well as during our livestreams.

Create your own Photoshop panels

MEET The Inventor

The Retouching Toolkit is developed by the Photoshop expert Conny Wallstrom, who is known as one of the best in the world when it comes to retouching techniques. A perfectionist, he has been known to spend weeks and months testing and refining even the simplest methods and inner-workings to compare results on a pixel-level. When others refuse to change their ways because this is “what they have always done”, Conny is constantly asking, “How can I make this better?”

Conny has presented workshops for some of the leading retouching agencies in the world, and continues to mentor some of the leading names in the industry today.

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    We are a community

    There are no secrets to good retouching or photography. Spend the time, and pick wisely who you listen to, and you will be creating beautiful images in no time.

    Here are some of our retoucher and photographer friends, that we recommend:

    • Natalia Taffarel
    • Zoë Noble
    • Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk
    • Emily Teague
    • Tina Eisen
    • Shavonne Wong


    We are proud to announce the launch of our own Discord server for the Retouching Toolkit community to provide more opportunities for individual support and guidance from Conny and all the other talented members – from beginners to industry experts. Today we only communicate in English, but with Discord channels we will be able to do multiple languages.

    While we are not planning to leave Facebook any time soon, we feel that the Facebook platform is becoming cluttered and difficult to use, making it hard to communicate with each other to seek advice and assistance.

    To that end we are following the lead of similar communities and creating a Discord server in order to be able to interact more directly with our members, which anyone can join.

    Another key benefit of the Discord server is the ability to post questions or seek critique anonymously.