Meet the Ambassadors

Introducing Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk

Holland based photographer and artist, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, had her life change dramatically when her love for painting and drawing was translated into photography in 2016. She fell into her photography career by chance when taking photos of animals at the zoo. It was during these trips to the zoo that she began experimenting and soon realized she felt the need to photograph more. What started as experimentation expanded into shooting elaborate portraits and scenes in a painterly style.

Introducing Shavonne Wong

Shavonne Wong is an award-winning fashion photographer with 10 years of experience under her belt. Having started out as a self-taught photographer armed only with passion, a diploma in IT and a dash of stubbornness, Shavonne started her photography career from scratch to what it is today. She is now an ambassador (X-Photographer) for Fujifilm and also a writer for one of the largest photography community websites globally, Fstoppers.

She has worked with celebrities such a Billy Porter, Rob Raco and have had her work featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Female. She is also a returning guest photographer on Asia’s Next Top Model.

After seeing how the world is becoming increasing digital, she felt that there was an opportunity to create virtual assets that brands can engage with to future proof their campaigns. And with that, she founded Gen V, a virtual model agency:

Introducing Tina Eisen

Tina Eisen is an editorial and commercial beauty photographer based in London, UK. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Tina has worked with clients such as MaxFactor, Sephora, Ciate, Superdrug, Harvey Nichols, ASOS, Marks & Spencer, EX1, Kryolan and numerous other well-known global brands and magazines.

Tina’s Beauty Photography workshops in Europe and North America, her publications and online tutorials are popular amongst with global audience. Tina is a regular speaker and educator for photography equipment and software brands such as Canon, Profoto, Capture One and Three Legged Thing and is regularly showcasing her craft at national and international trade shows.

Introducing Emily Teague

Emily Teague is an editorial & commercial photographer working out of New York. Her style of photography is greatly influenced by her photojournalism, travels, color, and love for creating visual narratives. She balances her passion for creating stories with telling the stories of others through her work with non-profits and NGOs. Her work has taken her across the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and West Africa