Frequently Asked Questions

For 3.1: Simply click on the Addons button in the top toolbar of Configurator, then Install Legacy, and Finish Installation.

For the people who are still using the old 2.0 version from 2015, you need to download the new Installer from You should have credentials from last years update, but if you don’t please contact us with your purchase receipt and we will set you up.

After installation, you’ll find the panels in Photoshop -> Windows -> Extensions

The Retouching Toolkit requires Photoshop CC2015.5 or later versions. There is no way to install the Panels in earlier versions unfortunately.

The licence covers up to 3 personal computers. If you need more, please contact use for upgrade options.

You can use your credentials here. All your Retouching Toolkit related data will be transfered.

The new version of Retouching Toolkit 3.x is a completely new software re-built from the ground up. We had upgrade options initially, but with new pricing we can unfortunately no longer give discounts on upgrades.

So, to upgrade to 3.x you will need to purchase the new version.

You can’t do anything here. The Retouching Toolkit requires a valid Adobe CC license. 


Everything we add or develop will shortly have video guides to help showcase what, and how we intended the tool or technique to help. 

We know that being honest with you is the best way forward. Among a few other promises, we promise that we will always do our best to provide education on how the RETOUCHING TOOLKIT can help YOU, Make sure you join the Retouching Toolkit Facebook user group if you have any general questions.

If you are looking to get in touch fill in the form below to create a support ticket. Please be as specific as possible if you get an error message.