Scott Valentine is a digital artist, author, and educator in the Southwest United states. His skills range from retouching and compositing to painting and illustration. Scott relies on his blended education in physics and fine art to explore and experiment.

Olaf Giermann is the number one authority that photographers and editing professionals seek Photoshop advice from in German-speaking regions.  He is the main author for DOCMA, the most renowned and sophisticated Photoshop magazine, and has among the highest published video courses about creative image editing on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Mick Nite works as a professional retoucher and digital designer for some of the most prestigious brands and agencies in the world.  His work ranges from high-end retouching for commercials, fashion magazines, movie posters, artwork, to consulting.

Rafael Aviles was born and raised in Mexico. He moved to the US to attend graduate school and earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Nevada-Reno. After doing postdoctoral research at Cornell University, Rafael joined the R&D department of Rohm and Haas Company (now Dow Chemicals), eventually becoming R&D Director. He retired in 2011 and now spends most of his time cycling, traveling, and making great photographs.
Rafael’s interest in photography started when he was eight years old and received a Brownie camera from his father, who taught him basic photographic and composition skills. Completely self-taught in the art and science of photography, Rafael spent many years working with film cameras and eventually converted to the digital medium. Some of his pictures have won awards in national contests, and have been published in Outdoor Photographer and Wired.com e-magazines.

Pierre Wolter a self-taught photographer who enjoys showing the beauty of his models, no matter what their appearance may be.  His favorite ingredient for photography is the use of shadows.

Sigrid Aicher is a professional photographer from Vienna, focused on – but not limited to – animal photography.


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