Conny Wallstrom is a well-known retoucher based in Sweden. He is considered among the best in the world when it comes to the inner-workings of Photoshop. An avid photographer and retoucher, Conny needed a way to improve and simplify his workflow and make advanced techniques easy to use — without having to go deep into menus or hidden settings. Thus the Retouching Toolkit was born! The focus of the Toolkit is to create what can simply not be done through simple actions, and to actually add new features and functionality that was previously not possible at all, or only available trough tedious manual steps. In the ensuing 6 years, during full-time development and while leading retouching work and giving private lessons to high-end clients, Conny saw the need to streamline workflows, and make tools that are simple to use regardless of a user’s experience level or retouching skillset. The Retouching Toolkit was the solution to those problems, and the opportunity to collaborate with many of Conny’s retouching friends, who provided invaluable input to make the Retouching Toolkit useful for everyone. A focus for Conny from the start was to call the techniques by their real names, so users can easily seek more information and learn how to properly apply those techniques. Conny is adamant that users know: “There are no magic buttons, tricks, or secrets to become a good retoucher! All it takes is passion and putting in the hours.”