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We are not simply selling Adobe extensions. We are dedicated to teaching, learning and growing as retouchers and digital artists – together.
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Luminosity controls like you never seen before, now possible inside of Photoshop, the brand new Luminosity panel is a revolution in creating perfect selections, masks, and blend-ifs! The panel allows you to work with easy to use sliders, define your own presets and zones, and allows you to copy, paste, and even convert blend-if to pixel perfect masks, should you decide you want to do manual editing. With this tool, you are able to create working masks with an intuitive user interface all based on sliders and advanced algorithms. This allows you to create TRUE luminosity masks, saturation masks, and even custom color luminosity.

  • Live updates and previews
  • Avoid banding issues
  • Convert your Blend-If to a perfect pixel mask
  • Actual Luminosity using calculations and not Gray channel, or RGB composite.
  • Easy to use


Innovative new tools combined with tried-and-true image editing techniques blended together to create the ultimate experience. With our Panel Maker, you can easily create your own custom panels, using a simple drag & drop interface, to fit your personal workflow.

Watch as the Toolkit team members demonstrate some of the Toolkit’s most exciting features. Learn advanced techniques from some of the best retouchers and graphic artists in the world!

Where others try to sell “magic” on-click buttons that leaves you without control, we believe it is important that you make the decisions of your finished project. Our tools use tried-and-true methods, utilized by top industry professionals, and called by the true names of the techniques.

The Toolkit is constantly evolving as the team fine-tunes each aspect of each product. This results in constantly improved and expanded features.

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