Retouching Toolkit Bundle

Included in the bundle

  • Toolkit Panel Maker 3.5
  • Retouching Toolkit 3.0 Panel
  • Toolkit 4.0 Custom Panel upgrade
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Toolkit Panel Maker

Toolkit Panel Maker is a standalone application for Windows and OSX that allows you to create your own panels or modify existing panels that are part of the Toolkit. The goal of Panel Maker is to place your favorite tools at your fingertips to greatly improve your work speed, your workflow, and the end result quality, all without having to go through complex menus, presets, or action lists. Panel Maker is fully customizable: Change colors, icons, actions, presets, link menu items, use scripts, and a large selection of user interface elements that can be combined to create your own perfect layout – you can even share it with other users. While a complex tool, it has been designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to customize trough it’s familiar drag & drop interface.

Key features

  • Allows for easy, yet advanced customization of Photoshop
  • Makes it effortless to keep actions, presets, and scripts well organized
  • Allows anyone to create custom panels with a simple drag & drop interface

Retouching Workflow

The Retouching Workflow is the new and reinvented version of the famous old Retouching Toolkit v2.0 panel. It is, where everything began many years ago. It was the only panel Conny used until developing Panel Maker and now the all new Workflow panel. Old customers of the v2.0 will feel very familiar, yet everything is improved immensely.
The main purpose of the Retouching Workflow is to introduce the best possible workflow and retouching techniques in a way that is both easily accessible and user-friendly. The Retouching Workflow guides you into a non-destructive workflow that works for any type of image.
Whether you are new to retouching or an industry professional, the Retouching Workflow works on every image because the techniques required are the same! This is a very easy way to learn a professional workflow without having to even think about it! The Workflow is the same that Conny Wallstrom has teaches in his workshops, and the same that high-end agencies and artists at the top levels of the industry use.

Key features

  • Easy to follow workflow
  • Improves on traditional methods while keeping it simple to use
  • Speeds up the retouching process

Toolkit 4.0 Custom Panel upgrade

The Toolkit 4.0 Custom Panel upgrade is the next generation of panels compatible with Adobes new interface called UXP. It uses significantly less memory and has a lot of new layout options.

Key features

  • Theme aware – if change the theme inside of Photoshop it follows the color scheme
  • Control how you want the buttons to look: Flat, glossy, gradient
  • Control the size of your buttons: Small, Medium, Large
  • Monochrome mode for distraction free editing
  • The new UXP technology from Adobe uses significantly less CPU and Memory
  • Compatibility with future versions of Photoshop and Apple M1&M2

Please note: The new UXP panels Requires Photoshop 2021 (22.5.0) or later