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Here are some resources to get you started

The Knowledge Base answers questions pulled directly from support questions, content from group discussions, and notes from the developers. It is the first recommended stop if you encounter an issue and need help to solve it.

Join the Retouching Toolkit Community on Facebook

Here, we bring together retouchers and digital artists of all skill-levels to answer questions, seek advice, make suggestions, and share successes! You will receive rapid responses on Facebook, as the group is extremely active, and eager to assist members of all skill levels.

Visit our video page for installation instructions, step-by-step tutorials, and feature explanations.

Visit our YouTube channel to view videos hand-selected to teach various aspects of retouching and digital art. The channel is not limited to videos about the Retouching Toolkit. We also provide videos from other sources that demonstrate retouching techniques, and step-by-step guides about common issues retouchers may face.

To be notified when we release new content, subscribe to our channel and click the “bell” notification icon. That way you will stay up to date with everything we are doing!

If that is not enough, we also have free panels created by our own very talented users!

You will find the link once you log in to your download page.

Finally, if you find yourself stuck, we are here to help!  Please reach out to us directly via the support page, and a member of our amazing support team will respond to help you solve your problems.