Today, the RETOUCHING TOOLKIT has a couple of simple aims
  • An environment for industry-leading professionals
  • Align Photoshop to your own needs by putting everything at the tip of your fingers

As Conny explains, the very first RETOUCHING TOOLKIT panel was created out of a personal need to simplify my workflow and to make the more advanced techniques easier to use, without having to go deep into menus and hidden settings to achieve what you want. Photoshop is an advanced software where most people only use a fraction of everything that is available. This is very confusing, and wastes your time.

It quickly became clear that the program Conny had designed initially for his own use, worked really well and that other people would also benefit. So, it got a name and was put on sale.

We are now at the third iteration with version 3, and in total there are over 5000 satisfied customers.

Over the past of 5 years, (during the development cycles of the toolkit) I have simultaneously been working with retouching agencies and high-end clients to improve productivity and the quality of the work they are producing. I have first hand seen the importance to streamline workflows and make tools that are simple to use. The RETOUCHING TOOLKIT is my solution to this problem, and with the help of my many retoucher friends, who provide invaluable input, we now have a solution that works for everyone.

I have always felt my core value was to stay true and honest to my users: There are no magic tricks or secrets in the RETOUCHING TOOLKIT, the techniques you learn have their true name, so you can easily learn more about what is actually going on behind every single command. We realize that this may be overwhelming to complete beginners, but instead of hiding the real names, our approach is to teach them, and with the simplified panel layouts this means that this is the ONLY product on the market that lets you grow all the way from a complete beginner to a full time professional.

Today the RETOUCHING TOOLKIT has evolved into a fully customizable cross platform application that let’s you install, create and share panels for Photoshop.


Conny is a photographer, retouching-teacher, and software developer based in Sweden. He started using Photoshop professionally over 20 years ago, and he has been retouching for 8 years.

His passion for software development started in early years, and has since resulted in many large commercial projects with big name clients.

He is recognized as one of the best when it comes to his deep technical knowledge in imaging and Photoshop retouching techniques.

Before going full-time in his own company, he worked at a large Advertising Agency.

He has a daughter that is 8 years old, and a puppy dog that just turned 1 year old.

Conny, is very friendly and approachable. He strongly believe there is no secrets to a good image, and willingly shares all that he knows. If you ever have any questions, or just want a hug (Swedes hug a lot), don’t hesitate to make contact.

Conny Wallstrom

Founder and developer of retouching toolkit

Stefan teaches retouching in Germany, is the owner of RAWexchange and absolutely loves Bacon.

His approach is pretty simple: Use the right tools at the right time for the right image, then practice. RAWexchange is built on exactly this principle. With his first-hand experience and instant feedback from our community, he brings a lot of fresh ideas into the TOOLKIT development.

Stefan Kohler

Founder and Educator at RAWexchange

Besides the main core team, we are working with plenty of people to make the Retouching Toolkit as good as possible!
  • Thanks to Edmont Hochlechner for testing continously hundreds of revisions 
  • Thanks to Karsten Wusthoff for API and Migration coding
Last but not least, we want to thank you – the Retouching Community for constantly helping us to understand your needs and give us the most awesome feedback we could imagine!