Free Download: Backdrops Panel Addon

June 15, 2019

This free addon brings handpainted high-quality backdrops directly into Photoshop!


  • Retouching Toolkit 3.1.1 or later
  • Updated Addon “Conny Wallstrom’s Workflow”
  • Internet Connection


  1. Download the Addon ZIP file
  2. Open Configurator and click on “Install Addon”, and then click on “Install” on the updated Conny Wallstrom’s Workflow Addon.
  3. In Configurator, click on “Import from File”
  4. Switch the filter in file dialog to .ZIP
  5. Select the ZIP file you downloaded
  6. Click on “Install”
  7. Click on “Finish Installation”
  8. Click on “Save Layout” – Take note of the # of the new Backdrop panel, and go to Photoshop: Window > Extensions > Retouching Toolkit #X