Color Wheels Addon

Simply the best way to handle colors in Photoshop

$ 59
  • RGB & RYB Wheels
  • Fast color correction
  • Drag & Drop Colors
  • Intuitive to use
  • Requires Retouching Toolkit Configurator (Please check out the below offers if you are a brand new customer.)


*requires the Retouching Toolkit

As a Retoucher, you have to deal with the curves adjustment layer. It’s technically the best way to manipulate colors, take care of discoloration, add or remove contrast etc.

To be honest – curves are perfect.

But there is this one thing most people struggle: It’s the User Interface of the curves adjustment layer.

Curves require a lot of knowledge about color mixing, You need to know which channels need adjustments in order to make a change. It’s the main reason why there are constantly other things pop up, shortcuts that might be simply to use, PlugIns that promise to do it even better.

There is no better way to handle colors then curves do. Period.

But now we have a new UI and we took some advise from our favorite video editing suites.

The COLOR WHEELS Addon for the Retouching Toolkit is super easy to use and it remote controls curves adjustment layers.

It’s the lucky marriage of the two best things: The perfect adjustment layer and the perfect UI

With the COLOR WHEELS Addon, you’ll be able to create the best curve ever. Just drag the point on the wheel into the direction you want it to be.

An example: Drag the slider to Orange.
The curve will remove blue and a bit of green while adding red. It’s calculated in real time and you instantly see the result in your image.

You want to create Color Harmonies? Sure, we’ve got that covered!

Just click on the HEX number of the Color in the COLOR WHEELS and pick the color in your image – the curve will be created automatically. A simple middleclick into the Color Wheel will shift it in the opposite direction – either the negative color in RGB Wheel or in the complementary color in RYB Wheel.

The COLOR WHEELS ADDON let’s you create the most aweseome grades within seconds. If it’s to strong, you can just turn the strength down.
This will not change the layers opacity, it will change the curve accordingly to a lower setting – this way we avoid any form of unnecessary color shift.

The Wheels

The COLOR WHEELS Addon offers two popuar wheels: 

The RGB Wheels are used mainly for color correction. It’s the light wheel, that shows how light is mixed in reality.

The RYB Wheels are the painters wheels. Based on Goethes Book of Colors it’s a standard for painters and digital artists who deal with color harmonies.

When you do a middle-click (the scroll wheel or ALT-Click) on a wheel, it swaps to it’s counterpart. This is either used to neutralize a color (on RGB Wheel) or to create the exact complementary color harmony (on RYB Wheels).

The Color Picker

We implemented the colorpicker into the COLOR WHEELS! This makes color correction really easy – especially with the middle click, which inverts the curve!

It’s so easy: create a curve (for correction use the RGB Wheels), click on the Colors HEX value, pick the color you want to correct in your image, hit OK, middel click on the wheel. BUM. Now it’s just a matter of creating a mask and paint the correction in. 

By the way: a double click in a Color Wheel sets it back and deletes the points from the curve.

Available Bundles and Upgrades


*requires Retouching Toolkit Configurator
(Included in all base bundles)
$ 59
  • Retouching Toolkit Configurator required*
    (not included)
  • Color Wheels Addon


*requires Retouching Toolkit Configurator Bundle S (bought on
$ 70
  • Retouching Toolkit Configurator required*
    (not included)
  • Color Wheels Addon
  • Color Mapping Addon (TBA)


inkludes the Color Wheels
(recommended for brand new customers)
$ 199
  • Retouching Toolkit Configurator
  • Conny Wallstrom's Retouching Workflow Addon
  • Frequency Separation Addon
  • Smart Objects Addon
  • Legacy Panel 2.0
  • Unlimited Access to all free Addons
  • Color Wheels Addon
  • Color Mapping Addon (TBA)