The Addons we create is our core business. We have spent years in collaboration with industry leaders to create and develop the very best extensions ever created for Photoshop.

The video above shows how easy it is to install and update the Addons.

Conny Wallstrom Workflow Addon

The main idea of the non-destructive workflow, taken to the next level. This is the workflow that defines the RETOUCHING TOOLKIT. It does everything for everyone. Years of tried and trusted workflows blended with re-invented and improved techniques.
  • Included in ALL packages
  • New and improved Dodge & Burn
  • Automated layer order and folder setup
  • Help layers for each part of the workflow
  • Functions to delete identical pixels when working on merged layers
  • Improved Gradient Map Maker

Smart Object Addon

Control and use smart objects with ease. This is the approach for the Smart Object Addon. The latest functionality allows you to update any smart object on the fly – so you can even use plug-ins that would be normally destructive for your workflow in a non-destructive way.
  • Included in ALL packages
  • New and improved Smart Sharpen
  • Add the best Grain in Photoshop
  • Update Smart Objects
  • Smart Liquify

Frequency Separation Addon

Frequency Separation is getting better, easier and more flexible with this Addon. Conny Wallstroms fix for issues that occur in some cases because of the split, you’ll be able to use this technique even for the highest quality work.
  • Included in ALL packages
  • Fixes issues caused by the Frequency Split
  • Allows EVERY kind of low layer extraction
  • Automatically works both for 8- and 16-bit images
  • Makes multiple splits very easy

Legacy Toolkit Addon

For those, who worked with the old Retouching Toolkit, the Legacy 2.0 Addon will bring the well known functionality, look and feel to the new RETOUCHING TOOLKIT.
  • Included in ALL packages
  • Proven quality of v2.0
  • Converted for the new Retouching Toolkit Configurator
  • A super solid base for own panels, as it has “a bit of everything”

Coming Soon

  • Color Wheels Addon
  • Color Mapping Addon
  • Luminosity Addon
  • Export Addon
  • Launcher Addon