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We are happy to announce that Retouching Toolkit is now an incorporated company. This is the first step in our new roadmap and a early indication of great things to come!

To reflect this changes, we have updated the company name in both Terms & Conditions and License Agreement

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What we can do for you

The Retouching Toolkit seamlessly integrates innovative tools with tried-and-true editing techniques, optimizing your workflow and elevating your final output. Unlike competitors offering superficial one-click solutions, we prioritize knowledge and accessibility, allowing you to customize panels to your specific needs.

It’s important to note that there is no other product on the market that offers this unique combination.

Explore our YouTube channel for extensive video tutorials covering toolkit features, exploring retouching concepts, and addressing community questions during live streams and in our video library. We’re dedicated to empowering your learning journey.

How it all started ...

The Retouching Toolkit is the outcome of 10 years of development and collaboration among top retouching experts. It goes beyond the confines of Photoshop’s capabilities, offering a solution that streamlines and expedites the processes of image editing and creation. While it’s crucial to comprehend the inner workings in standard Photoshop, we provide a solution that eliminates monotonous tasks, saves time, and ensures consistent outcomes. Our aim is to make advanced techniques accessible, enabling you to learn industry-leading methods without struggling with complex processes.

Meet The Inventor

The Retouching Toolkit, created by Photoshop expert Conny Wallstrom, stands as a product of his mastery in retouching techniques. Renowned as one of the world’s foremost experts in this field, Conny’s perfectionism shines through as he dedicates weeks and months to meticulously refine even the simplest methods and intricacies, all the way down to pixel-level comparisons. While others resist change by sticking to tradition, Conny consistently challenges the status quo, driven by the question, “How can this be improved?”

Conny has conducted workshops worldwide, including at top retouching agencies, and his mentorship extends to notable individuals within the industry up to the present day.

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We are a community

There are no secrets to good retouching or photography. Invest the time, choose wisely who you listen to, and you’ll be creating beautiful images in no time. Here are some of our retoucher and photographer friends, that we recommend:
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